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Polski - Polish conversations EDGARD

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Polish Conversations has been designed for beginner and intermediate students and everyone who wants to learn the basic Polish communications skills quickly and independently.

The course, which comprises a book and two audio CDs, teaches over 500 phrases essential for everyday conversation. It will help you successfully communicate in Polish in various situations: in a hotel, at work, in a restaurant and while travelling abroad.

The coursebook (88 pages) includes 45 realistic dialogues, full transcription of the recordings and interesting exercises with answer key. It also teaches you the proper Polish spelling.

The book contains 145 minutes of high-quality recordings made by native speakers. The CDs give you the opportunity to listen to the melody of the Polish language and learn its pronunciation.

Polish Conversations is recommended as a self-study course. Learn wherever you are! At home, while travelling, in your car. Learn the basics of Polish and start to speak!
Wydawnictwo: Edgard
Strony: 88, Format: 13,5x19 cm Rok wydania: 2010, etui kartonowe
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